Would You Like to Run Kimchibytes?

Welcome to Kimchibytes.  This site is a collection of thoughts, articles, photographs and videos of expats who lived in Korea from 2012 to 2015.  Although I moved back to Jacksonville, Florida, a lot of my heart and soul remains in this blog.  It will always serve as a memory of the great times I experienced in Korea.

Recently, I just moved Kimchibytes from self hosting back to to reduce costs.  Despite few updates, Kimchibytes still generates roughly a thousand page views a day, which isn’t bad for an English blog based in Korea.

My goal for Kimchibytes has always been to be a collective conscience of different thoughts, experiences and artistic expressions of expats in the ROK.  I still believe it is a great platform for a new blogger to step into and automatically have access to 1500 followers from Facebook and over 500 followers from our mailing list.  This site still has the capability to explode exponentially, but the key to successful blogging is time and persistence.

With new projects underway in Jacksonville, I don’t have time to run Kimchibytes.  So, I’m looking for fresh bloggers to give full control of the site.  If this is you… if you are that special person,  please fill out the contact form.  Let’s have a brief Skype date and I’ll hand you the keys.

The most important thing to me is that this site never dies, like so many great expat blogs from Korea eventually do.