Good Reads

This section takes a more serious look at issues and life in Korea.

Kyoto Pictures-4

Korea Puts the “No” in Porno

It’s illegal to produce or distribute porn in South Korea.  However, porn is just a smaller piece of the bigger puzzle of sexuality in Korea.

 Animal Post-13
A Dog’s Last Chance in Korea
A frightening and heartwarming day at the Asan Animal Shelter
 Seoraksan Post-44
Korea: The New King of the Great Outdoors
Korea’s outdoor tourism is on the rise with the coming of 2018 Winter Olympics.

Turning 30-12

Seoul in the Middle

The physical transformation of Seoul from a third world country to an economic powerhouse.

Gangneung Beach-13

The Seoul Beach Dilemma

Beaches in Korea and which beaches to visit if you live in Seoul.

bill oreilly

Why O’reilly Got Gangnam Style Wrong

My take on Bill O’Reilly’s disgusting attempt to dissect Gangnam Style.


Starvation in North Korea

The Real Price being Paid for North Korea’s Nuclear Program


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    1. The contributors to this site have a right to express their opinion about the country they live in. If you have a concern about something written, please address it specifically and intelligently.


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