How To Survive North Korea’s Nuclear Attack

Fallout in the ROK is a hot topic. What steps can you take in the event that threats ecalate to missile


A Beginner’s Guide to Korean Politics

What are the Political Issues in South Korea? When living in the US I tried to mostly stay out of political discussions. This avoidance was not because I am devoid of political views, but more because I have found these arguments to be an unproductive recounting of points and counterpoints that have been thrown out…

The Forgotten Beauty in our Backyard-Evangelical Christians

Sold-Out for Christ, On-fire for God, Jesus Freak . . .  These are words that scare people, but are worn with pride by those inside evangelical circles.  What thought comes to your mind when you think of Evangelicals? From what I’ve read, I can list a few.  Evangelicals are often described as; uneducated, rural, holding…