Things Students Say While You’re Teaching in Korea

Kids have likely asked crazy questions and have said silly things since the dawn of civilization. These are certainly some of the best I’ve heard while living in Korea.


How To Survive North Korea’s Nuclear Attack

Fallout in the ROK is a hot topic. What steps can you take in the event that threats ecalate to missile

What It’s Like Being Single In Korea

We swagger in black, congregate, and lament over noodles coated in a syrupy black sauce that is obviously meant to resemble the inner workings of the single person’s heart. Because why else would you be single unless your heart pumps tar?

Harlem Shake vs. Gangnam Style: Kimbap Shop

If you haven’t heard of KimbapShop yet, you need to get to youtube or facebook and check it out.  Part teacher, part stand up comedian, and part video enthusiast, George White’s take on Korea is… funny.  Kimchibytes is happy to announce we will be collaborating with George on some projects in the near future.  George…

13 Things I Love About Living in South Korea

While South Korea is not all rainbows and sunshine(thanks in part to the Yellow Dust from China),there are times when a foreigner enjoys his time here.  He finishes a long day of teaching, enjoys a hearty helping of Korean Barbecue, looks up at the night sky illuminated by neon flashing lights, turns down an offer for a…