Photography of Seoul

Need some ideas of places to see in Seoul?  These are pictures, descriptions, recommendations, and directions of my favorite places in the city!  Click the links below the pictures for more.

Bongeunusa Temple-100
        Bongeunusa Temple

This temple is located across from the Coex Mall in Gangnam.  It’s popular because it is a serene Buddhist setting on the backdrop of a modern Gangnam Sky.

Turning 30-12
        The Cheonggyecheon

A beautifully restored 11 kilometer stream designed to bring nature and a piece of tranquility to Seoul.


The theater and performing arts district of Seoul.  This is a collection of links on the area.

my favorites-25Gwanghwamun Square

I consider this the Times Square of Seoul (there is an actual Times Square) that has stunning views of the Gyeongbokgum Palace and Statues of King Sejong and the great naval commander Lee Sun-Shin.

Palace Project-4Gyeongbokgum Palace

The main palace of the five great palaces of Seoul.  This is the number 1 recommendation of Times Magazine for visiting Seoul.

DSC_0213Hanok Village

These famous traditional houses date back to the famous Joseon Dynasty and are considered a must-see when visiting Seoul.  This article covers Samcheong-Dong and Hanok Village due to their proximity.

JOgno Winners-2Jogno 5 Ga- Gwangjang Thrift Market.

A cool place to find some unique, American vintage clothing.  Foreign residents should visit to check out the old clothes, and foreign tourist should check out all the food below the clothing market.

Jogyesa Temple-2

Jogyesa Temple

A small temple that is the head temple for the Jogyesa Order of Buddhism in Korea.  The temple exists in the middle of Seoul showcasing a dynamic history upon the backdrop of a modern city.

Turning 30-15

Olympic Park

A beautiful park built for the 1988 Olympics that hosts several mainstream American and K-pop performers.


Samcheong Dong

A Modern art district of Seoul known for museums and unique restaurants.


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