Photography of South Korea

These places are listed based on their beauty.  Please click on the links for photos, descriptions, information and directions to each area.  Some of the links provided at the end of the articles provide even more information.  (Click on the links)

Seoraksan Post-44Seoraksan National Park

The most beautiful place in South Korea can also be a treacherous 16 hour hike.  Of course, there are much shorter hikes and even a ride on a gondola that are only a little less beautiful.  Think Lord of the Rings ( I hiked with a guy from New Zealand who confirmed this) type beauty.  This is an article about national parks in Korea with more information on Seoraksan near the bottom.

Jeju Island (coming soon)

The most popular island for Koreans to vacation.  It is a subtropical island just south of Seoul with a handful of Unesco World Heritage Sites.  Many Koreans refer to this island as their Hawaii.  Jeju is beautiful, but it is no Hawaii.  Furthermore, westerners need to be aware of many tourist traps to full enjoy Jeju.

Green Tea Blog-30Daehan Tea Plantation

Near Boseong in the South Jeolla Province.  The most famous Tea Plantation in Korea and one of the most beautiful places to visit on the peninsula.  The area is very rewarding to visit and lacks the typical touristy vibe common with many popular spots in South Korea.

Gangneung Beach-11Gangneung, South Korea.  Also, Gyeongpo Beach and Lake

One of my favorite cities on the east coast with beautiful beaches and a stunning lake right by the Ocean.  Best to visit for the beaches in July or late August.  I love having pine trees on the ocean!

naksan beach post-5Naksan Beach

One of my favorite East coast beaches.  Naksana Temple is one of Korea’s most beautiful temples located on a mountain overlooking the Sea of Japan.

Gangneung Beach-13

Sokcho Beach

The small city of Sokcho on the East coast has been a Korean favorite for years!  It has beautiful beaches and is very close to Seoraksan Mountain.  This article is about the best beaches for residents in Seoul to visit.  However, there are in depth directions to all of the east cost beaches near the bottom.


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