Event Photography

These are very popular events for foreigners living in or visiting South Korea.


Seoul Shindig-2

Seoul Shindig! Vol. 13

Seoul’s Longest Running Dance Party

Mikey Spinning the 90's all night long.
Mikey Spinning the 90’s all night long.

Seoul Shindig! Prom

Shindig goes 90’s Prom Style

Silk Juice-32

Silk Juice – Weird Boom

A Little Electronic Music for who need a faster beat.


Turning 30-13Boryeong Mudfest 2012

Korea throws one of the best mud festivals in the world.

Korean Burning Man-11

Korea Burn 2012

Mimicking the Burning Man in Nevada, Korean burn emulates a weekend where the constraints of daily life are cast aside and people are encouraged to share their true gifts with each other.

Seoul Santacon 2013-18Santacon 2012

Annually, residents of the North Pole descend upon the streets of Sinchon and Hongdae to spread Christmas cheer. . .and drink a lot.

hallo-34Zombie Walk 2012

Zombies gather in Seoul Forrest and take the subway to Hongdae.

prom-97Prom 2012

Foreigners celebrating prom at a much more reasonable time in their lives.


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