Event Photography

These are very popular events for foreigners living in or visiting South Korea.


Seoul Shindig-2

Seoul Shindig! Vol. 13

Seoul’s Longest Running Dance Party

Seoul Shindig! Prom

Shindig goes 90’s Prom Style

Silk Juice-32

Silk Juice – Weird Boom

A Little Electronic Music for who need a faster beat.


Turning 30-13Boryeong Mudfest 2012

Korea throws one of the best mud festivals in the world.

Korean Burning Man-11

Korea Burn 2012

Mimicking the Burning Man in Nevada, Korean burn emulates a weekend where the constraints of daily life are cast aside and people are encouraged to share their true gifts with each other.

Seoul Santacon 2013-18Santacon 2012

Annually, residents of the North Pole descend upon the streets of Sinchon and Hongdae to spread Christmas cheer. . .and drink a lot.

hallo-34Zombie Walk 2012

Zombies gather in Seoul Forrest and take the subway to Hongdae.

prom-97Prom 2012

Foreigners celebrating prom at a much more reasonable time in their lives.


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