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If you have questions or wish to contact us,  please send an e-mail to

Want to Contribute?

People don’t follow websites because of good content; they follow writers who are excited about good content.  Just like cooking shows, it’s the personalities that make the difference.  Kimchibytes is searching for a few good bloggers and writers.  If you are a writer or blogger who would like your own column on Kimchibytes to either call your home or guest blog on a continual basis, please contact us.  We are particularly interested in contributors for the following topics:

Life in Korea

Shopping in Korea (especially for men)

Nightlife as an Expat

Clubs and Gangnam Nightlife

ESL Instruction and Teaching

Korean and World History


North Korea

Gaming Culture in Korea


We would also like to feature Korean writers who can create dual-language posts (We will gladly help with the English versions). We are committed to helping contributors create professional posts with photography and editing.  Most importantly, we want to market your talents and help promote your own interests and goals!


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