“I want to go to Seoul.”

When I first learned about South Korea roughly 6 years ago, it was certainly through its entertainment industry. All I could recall about the peninsula was what I’d learned through many years ago in high school (North Korea is the Hermit Kingdom and there was a longstanding war between the two Koreas), so the entertainment […]

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Get Ready For More Kimchibytes!

Hello, Kimchibytes (KB) readers! KB has grown from an awesome blog into a following of people interested in South Korea around the world. Comment sections and Facebook pages have influenced awesome conversations and a lot of learning. It’s exciting to know that KB has impacted you in a positive way. Transitioning to/from living abroad is […]

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10 American Misconceptions about South Korea

The American Misconceptions from Back Home After returning home from teaching in Korea for four years, I’ve fielded a few questions from friends and family.  I appreciate the honest questions and curiosity.  Unfortunately, this has not been my common experience when out mingling or in the workplace.  Once people learned I lived overseas, they were typically more interested in informing […]

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