About Me – Brent Sheffield

JOgno Winners-27

I’m the Founder of Kimchibytes.  I was an ESL teacher who was in desperate need of a hobby.   Somehow, this site grew from a blog with funny anecdotes and a few nice pictures to what you see today.

I’m dedicated to help facilitate and promote the uber-talented blogosphere of South Korea.  Kimchibytes is centered around life in South Korea, but we tackle topics outside of the ROK.  We also desire to communicate and work within the South Korean community- by that I mean those who speak Korean.  If you are passionate about covering topics like gaming, art, fashion, nightlife, history, etc,  please contact me.

For more on the history of Kimchibytes, Here is a recent interview conducted by the beautiful Emily Hodges of Chincha Magazine.

“A Shot of Soju with Brent Sheffield, the Founder of Kimchibytes.”


6 thoughts on “About Me – Brent Sheffield”

  1. David Sheffield said:

    I like your introduction!


  2. Hahaha! Love your intro, brent! Most definitely the pretty girl will ask you to do that again!!


  3. notsureifsrs said:

    da fuc? You’re not ugly man. (I just read your I think it’s bullshit the way your students talk to you. Bunch of fucking punks. I’m non-white by the way so I can say these things.


  4. Are you trying to fish for compliments by saying that you are ugly? Well, you’ve got it. I think you are attractive.


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