Kimchibytes is all about working with other bloggers to help promote and share their work in South Korea and across the world.  Below is a list of some of our contributors over the years. Visit the Contribute page to learn how you can participate.


Chase Chisholm

“Capturing stories of people and the nuances of culture through various forms of media is my passion. Opportunities have landed me throughout Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Guyana, Mexico, Southeast Asia, and the United States. I currently work as a Guest English Teacher in South Korea. My next teaching destination abroad is Myanmar.”


Instagram: myseoulexposed



Ken Lum Lee

Born and raised in London UK, and currently residing in Korea, Ken Lum Lee was an English Teacher at a middle school in Gwangju and the blogger and photographer behind the Korean lifestyle blog Seoul State of Mind. Ken enjoys traveling around Korea, aiming to capture the unique beauties, discover stories and secret hideouts of Korea. Ken can usually be seen with his camera, which is currently the love of his life and pigging out in Korean BBQ restaurants.




Andy Baxley

“I spent a year in Seoul in 2010 after graduating from college and am now eagerly awaiting my February 2013 return.  My decision to come back springs from my love of expat life in Korea and my determination to spend as many years as I can living and traveling abroad. I’ve enjoyed following Kimchibytes on its path to much-deserved notoriety in the world of Seoul expat blogs.  When Brent asked me to be a contributor, I was honored and thrilled to oblige.  I am looking forward to playing a part in the evolution of this already fantastic site.”



Tyanne Conner

“I moved to South Korea to gain an entirely new perspective on life and teaching. I’m happy to report that every single day, my students and new friends give me opportunities for growth and challenge me to live life more fully.”




 Kayla McColl

“I’m a Canadian girl from a tiny town in Northern British Columbia. I’ve been pretty focused on nutrition and diet for most of my adult life. I love healthy food and love physical activity, and since 2010 have been competing in Fitness Competitions.  I moved to Korea in August 2011 and continued to train and compete here. I’ve done three shows in Korea, and in each one, I’ve been the only female foreigner. I started my own blog in November 2012, where I share healthy recipes, food tips, and resources for people living in Korea. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a major in Photography from the Emily Carr University of Art+Design in Vancouver, BC. I will be moving back to Vancouver to pursue a Teacher Education degree from UBC in September 2013.”



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