A time-traveling-trek took place this past weekend for myself and two friends.  Fresh off of payday and ready to spend our hard earned won (within reason), we planned a day trip from Daegu to Gyeongju to see remnants of the Silla Dynasty. Known as the smallest of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, Silla lacked in prowess but made up for it by scheming diplomatically. Historical pettiness? Sure, I’ll sign up to learn more.

We met up at Dongdaegu Station and purchased tickets for the bus ride to Gyeongju, then hailed a taxi towards Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond. The manmade pond is a highlight of Gyeongju National Park, so much so that its illuminated at night for visitors to enjoy. We didn’t stay late enough for that part of the magic, but the weather was mild and was truly welcomed as we snacked on a picnic of kimbap, fruit, and flavored makgeolli.

What I enjoyed most was the fact that almost every stretch of the land was picture perfect. I’m no one’s professional photographer but I’m happy with what I captured on my Nikon and smartphone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Plan your own visit before it becomes too cold and learn more about the tourist attraction. Be sure to tell us about it, too!



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