Drop my Gmarket at the door, PLEASE.

I hate ordering things online. With the exception of a pizza or computer crap from Amazon while in the States, I’m not cut out for it. I prefer to frustrate myself with physically getting up, traveling to a store, finding out that they don’t have what I want in my size/color or the store’s all out and then seething. I put on pants, for crying out loud. When I moved from one side of Daegu to another, however, I was in need of a few new household items and Gmarket was most convenient.

Gmarket is an online mall and auction site that was once owned by eBay. Nowadays, it stands on its own with its headquarter in Gangnam and it has everything. Everything online, I mean. [Que the strings.] Bruh.

Honestly, there was zero difficulty with navigating the website (it’s available in English, woot!) and I was able to use my foreign credit card with no fuss. The only trouble was trying to coordinate delivery as a non-fluent Korean language speaker.

You’ve not experienced true magic until you’re being yelled at by a frustrated delivery guy over the phone.

Of all the spaces to leave notes concerning my package, why wasn’t there one for me to pay the delivery fee in advance (just $2.00 which is just great honestly) or to tell them I’m a “외국인 저는 한국어를 할 줄 모릅니다” (foreigner. I don’t speak Korean)?! A lot of text message stress, Papago translations and lip-smacking (not me, I swear) could’ve been avoided! I didn’t expect the delivery to come as quickly as it did and stupidly assumed they’d just leave my stuff at my door. I mean, my neighbor has boxes outside his apartment every so often from Gmarket and I’ve not once heard the delivery person speak to him, so…you know, #same?!?

Lesson learned. I need to brush up on some key sentences for instances such as this. I didn’t want to frustrate the guy during Chuseok, but maybe it made him value the holiday even more. Wishful thinking but I know I couldn’t have been the only stressor of the day.


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