The Traveler’s Guide to The Unique Tastes of South Korea (Part 3)

It’s the end of the week, so what better way for us to enjoy each other’s company than to wind down the last tidbits of my favorite meals and drinks back in Seoul? Let’s go!


#7 Chocolate Coffee Beer

Brew 3.14 Seoul, South Korea
Credit: Multifacetedacg

This AMAZING stout from Brew 3.14 should let me slide into its DMs. Tall and dark bodied, this is a coffee drinking, chocolate lover’s kind of belch-brewing beverage. The gastropub menu boasts a respectable list of craft beers, including pale ales, IPAs, local goodies and other knick-knacks for gulping. I fell in love with this drink because of how perfect the pour was. Once I took a sip, I already committed myself to find this small place on my next visit, just so I can weep over this again. Peep the tissue box to the left? It was that real. Okay, not really ‘cause those are napkins but it could’ve gotten that real.


#8 Korean Fried Chicken

brew 3.14 chicken
Credit: Multifacetedacg

Brew 3.15 is widely regarded as the place for “chimek” in Seoul–the Friday tradition of unwinding with fried chicken and beer pairings–so it was a dining honor to check it out. My friends and I spent a good amount of time chowing down on one whole chicken (you read that right!) and trying to sort out the flavored batter. We had a slight consensus on curry being used but who really cares, eh? It was good, good chicken.


#9 Chicken Sauce Chips

bbq chicken chips
Credit: Multifacetedacg

Listen, you’ll never be able to eat Lay’s BBQ ever again. Seriously. These chicken sauce (what is even chicken sauce?!?) flavored ridged potatoes were another convenient store find that I want to order and ship over as soon as possible! There wasn’t a chip that spent a little too much time in the grease (I’m looking at you, Better Burnt) and the flavor was consistent, right down to the last crumb I fought out of the corner of the bag.


Look at the time, it’s time to close Jinju’s Cafe! It’s been a pleasure sharing this experience with you. If we see each other again soon, let’s grab a bite to eat together.


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