In-person dating got you down? Try the Angelium Project.

Dating while abroad is just as hit-or-miss as it is in your home country, but the added stress of potential language and cultural barriers can make some throw in the towel. For others still, the fun of it all is like a game. But what if Korea took the path of, say, Japan, and made virtual reality (VR) dating an easier-accessible option? This could possibly be the case with Angelium.

Although I lack first-hand experience with the vast options in Japan with VR, I honestly am impressed by this. I can’t navigate Bumble, Tinder or any other app (of disaster) without it being a stressful experience. If I were desperately seeking digital Susan, this could be cool. To each her, his or their own!

An official press release announcing the product and subsequent tour is below. I wonder if I can convince someone to go check out the potential South Korean tour stop and report back? What do you think of this VR development?

< The next-generation adult platform ‘Angelium’ and the dream VR world is born! Famous AV actors have confirmed to participate in the project as angels!>

The ‘dream platform’ for the males is finally established. ANGELIUM, a VR avatar participated by Japan AV actors and a communication tool for the next-generation adult platform is removing its veil gradually.

The Angelium project has attracted lots of attention as S-class AV actress such as Ai Uehara,  Ai Haneda, Sora Shiina, Rika Mari, etc, had participated in the filming of the greeting videos.

Angelism avatars
Angelism avatars

Angelium project is a platform that allows you to communicate with the avatars in an imaginary world, and is incorporated with the blockchain technology and uses virtual money (ANL).

In particular, this platform is a differentiated service which is designed to cultivate the values of people in the real world while enjoying a virtual love with their preferred AV actors.  

The population demand for Japan’s adult content is about 1 billion. However, the Internet development is inversely proportional to the spread of the illegal contents, pushing the market for adult content to a decline.

Angelium is designed to solve this problem. It is an innovative project that which allows users to participate and join the Angelium platform as a co-creator, while protecting the Portrait Right and profits of the actors through the blockchain technology.

In addition, a unit of angels (AV actors) is formed to promote and advertise the Angelism project, they will debut in Taiwan in August, and will be going on a tour that consists about 15 places such as Korea, China, and Japan. It is said that more than two top-class angles have been confirmed for this unit.

The pre-sales of the virtual money for Angelium project started in March, and ever since the actors and the leading producers announced their participation, donations are coming in at a tremendous speed.

Angelium will be officially launched in August, and it is aiming to be the ‘Next-generation adult platform’.

Source: E&P Company



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