Get Ready For More Kimchibytes!

Hello, Kimchibytes (KB) readers!

KB has grown from an awesome blog into a following of people interested in South Korea around the world. Comment sections and Facebook pages have influenced awesome conversations and a lot of learning. It’s exciting to know that KB has impacted you in a positive way. Transitioning to/from living abroad is an adventure we value, just like the contributors to this site.

This next part of the adventure is being led by Ashley Charlton Griffin, a 30-something YouTuber by the name of “Multifacetedacg,” while she experiences living and working in Daegu, South Korea. Ashley’s bringing along for the ride a team to bring more posts and info about life in Korea, too!

Multifacetedacg Productions LLC

Founded in 2015, Multifacetedacg Productions LLC (MACG Productions) is an American multimedia entertainment company focused on creating content and strategic opportunities for diverse audiences worldwide. The company was established by four women with professional experience in entertainment, photojournalism, digital publishing, and social media.

MACG Productions’ current media properties include:

  • MACG Magazine

  • social media destination HallyuChat

  • live events Kpop Skate Night and Kpop Social Night (KPSN)

  • fan-driven Hallyu Wave-focused Assa! Awards, and now

  • Foreigner community and blog Kimchibytes

MACG Productions’ sister company, Seoulwave, focuses on Korean pop culture through original content and digital news online.

We hope you’re excited to learn more about the Land of the Morning Calm through her and her team’s eyes very soon. New entries will begin in May!

Get to know Ashley

Website | Twitter | Instagram


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  1. Odetha says:

    Looking for to seeing your blog contributions Ashley 👋🏾
    MsOdetha ✨💗🌺


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