Back in Jacksonville, Florida. 🙂

After four years, which could be described as the opposite of arduous, my time in Korea has come to an end.  Kimchibytes is the heart and soul of my time in Korea and I’m looking for a blogger to take over the site.  This site should continue to be a sounding board for expats, preferably ones who live in Korea.

My only requirement is that you are a great writer.  My only other requirement is that you don’t turn Kimchibytes into a hate blog or blindly love everything in Korea.

If you are a new blogger in Korea, I’d advise you to forego starting a new blog and avoid the first year doldrums of limited readers.  Instead, take over Kimchibytes.  The site averages 500-1000 views a day.  This has continued even with a year of no new content.  Traffic on this blog has exceeded 1 million views.  If a person consistently added new content, Kimchibytes has enough SEO presence that it would explode.  There are nearly 200 followers by direct e-mail and another 2000 on Facebook.

Apart from erasing old content, the new Mr. or Ms. Kimchibytes will have full liberty.

Thank you everyone for your support over the last four years.  I had a lot of fun, especially at the expense those few sensitive bloggers who took blogging in Korea bit too seriously.  🙂

If you are interested in taking over Kimchibytes, please fill out the form below.