Nanta: The Live Show you Must See if you Live in Korea.


If you’re a fan of dancing, food being chopped really quickly, and physical comedy then a Nanta show is the one for you. This is a uniquely Korean show, which has been running for almost twenty years all around the world. It’s already been seen by over 9 million people in over 50 countries so far, so it might be worth checking out for you, too. It’s currently playing in the Chungjeongno Theater in Myeongdong to almost sellout crowds. The story of the show is pretty simple: there are four chefs, three men and one woman, who have been given just one hour to make ten wedding ceremony menus. There is also the manager who appears and looks angry often. This leads to a lot of furious chopping and rhythmic banging of cutlery while the chefs work against the clock.

Honorable Mention_Taras Boberskyi

The show has pretty much everything you could want. Despite being Korean made there is almost no language used. The actors mostly communicate by either using body language or throwing vegetables – both are universal. One section involves one of the chefs getting stuck in a bin and getting audience members to help him out. So, there’s really no reason to claim that you don’t understand what you’re seeing. It’s not hard to grasp. There is a lot of audience participation throughout the show. In one section, two audience members are dragged from the audience and forced to get married, which is funnier and more entertaining than it sounds.  In another section, audience members compete against each other to see who can make pies the fastest. In the performance I saw they chose the unhappiest boy I have ever seen to do this. He just really hated stacking pies.

With audience participation and different actors, every performance is always different and always the same. The actors seemed to really enjoy themselves throughout their performance and actually broke character a number of times because they were laughing too much. The audience seemed to be having the time of their lives too. One woman seemed like she was close to fainting when the actors did almost anything. It is a little expensive as shows in Seoul go, but this is definitely one worth seeing. It is one of the most Korean shows around so it would be particularly ideal to see it when you’re in, you know, Korea. It’s also one of the most entertaining theatrical performances you’re likely to see anywhere in the world. So go see it!

For tickets to see Nanta, click the picture below!



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  1. Gemma says:

    I’ve had chances to see this show for free, but always declined. You’ve convinced me to go!


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