A Look Back at Seoul’s Best Halloween Costumes in 2013

Whether people attended Zombie Walk, The Incheon Party Boat Cruise with GTR (Good Times Korea), or the best monthly expat party in Seoul (Seoul Shindig)Satan’s birthday Halloween in Seoul never disappoints.  Thanks to everyone for creating awesome Halloween costumes and memories in 2013.  If you saw or have pictures of other costumes that should be included, feel free to add them in the comment section.

Click on picture (Goku) and use arrow keys to scroll for the best viewing experience.Shindig-34
Halloween Costumes in Seoul


Shindig-15  Shindig-52  Shindig-51  Shindig-50  Shindig-49  Shindig-56 Shindig-48  Shindig-45  Shindig-43  Shindig-42  Shindig-41  Shindig-40  Shindig-39  Shindig-38  Shindig-37  Shindig-36 Shindig-35  Shindig-34  Shindig-33 Shindig-32  Shindig-31  Shindig-30  Shindig-29  Shindig-28  Shindig-25  Shindig-24  Shindig-23  Shindig-20  Shindig-19  Shindig-18   Shindig-22 Shindig-17  Shindig-16 Shindig-55


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris Backe says:

    Great pictures!


  2. Jeremy says:

    Does anything really beat a giant bottle of soju?


  3. lazyxoxo says:

    Great pics, but really seems to be more like a Cosplay convention than a Halloween Party.


    1. kimchibytes says:

      Your mom seems more like a cosplay convention than a halloween party.


      1. lazyxoxo says:

        Sorry, Brent, but I never meant anything bad by posting that comment. Nevertheless, probably it came out offensive. So I apologize~


        1. kimchibytes says:

          i was totally just joking. Oh please don’t take me seriously. I was just kidding. It does look like a cosplay convention.


  4. Brad YellowChocolate Sylvester says:

    Shinannigans! Mine isn’t in there.


  5. Brad YellowChocolate Sylvester says:

    Here is my costume. =)


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