UFO Sightings in Seoul : Aliens Ignore SETI, Attracted to Cheap Fabric

The question, “Are we alone in the universe?” has been answered.  Authorities in the greater Seoul Metropolitan Area reported UFO sightings and extraterrestrial contact in the early hours of Monday morning. While information is still scarce, it appears contact was made in an area known as Dongdaemun. Photos are slowly coming in of what can only be described as an alien superstructure sitting across from the major shopping attractions like Miligore or APM.

While little is known about the visitors, authorities believe the aliens visited Earth to tap into its vast resources. The visitors chose Dongdaemun because their advanced technology is powered by vast quantities of nearly identical fabric sold at low prices. The few reported sightings of the visitors also support the theory that they share an affection for sugary, over-priced, caffeinated beverages that Seoul easily provides.

Even though information regarding the extraterrestrials is being tightly controlled, images of the alien spaceship and the geometrically blessed visitors were leaked by a courageous and handsome blogger.

If you encounter the visitors, you are advised to remain calm as they appear to be peaceful. Authorities are encouraging, however, that any other strange or alien-like structures discovered in the vicinity of Seoul should be reported immediately. Authorities are still unsure of the intentions of the visitors, but strange occurrences such as the alien-like web cast on upon the Lotte Fitin building remain troubling.

UFO in Seoul-1


UFO in Seoul-2

UFO in Seoul-3

UFO in Seoul-4

UFO in Seoul-5

UFO in Seoul-6

UFO in Seoul-7

UFO in Seoul-8

UFO in Seoul-9

UFO in Seoul-10

UFO in Seoul-11

UFO in Seoul-12

UFO in Seoul-13


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  1. Mimsie says:

    Very creative, Brent. Great photographs, as well.


    1. kimchibytes says:

      Thanks! How’s the Korean coming along??


  2. JC says:

    HAHAHAHHA….This is hillarious Brent!!! Awesome post, awesome pics!


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