Seoul Zombie Walk 2013: The Undead Walk in a Big Circle

Zombie Walk 2013-17
Across the world, cities host Zombie Walks where people dress up like zombies and . . . walk.  If you don’t understand why this concept is appealing, imagine that you are driving your car down the street and you stop at a red light.  As you wait, you do a double-take as you witness a horde of zombies cross the street.  If you have a child, he or she may inquire if giving pedestrians the right-of-way also applies to the undead.  If that’s not entertaining, imagine two zombies helping grandma remove her bag from the overhead while traveling on the subway to meet their zombie-friends from college.  Grandma is so happy by the kindness of these zombies that she gives them a hug only to find herself partially covered in red syrup.  As she exits the subway, other passengers gawk at her health as she appears to be quite mobile for a woman her age who is profusely bleeding from her neck.

It doesn’t take much of an imagination, but any days that involve interaction with zombies typically supersede the excitement of days without zombies.  Apparently, thousands of people from across the world agree.

On September 28th, 2013, a group of foreigners and Koreans joined forces in Witjandari Park (윗잔다리 공원) near Hongdae Station to walk in a large circle around Hongdae.  Seoul does not have a big Zombie Walk – I think less than a hundred people showed up.  Upon further consideration, several zombies were late so there was a reported 150 participants.  Hopefully, the event will continue to grow in the future.

Despite poor weather, the event proceeded where zombies walked the streets of Hongdae, ordered kabobs from street vendors, had make-up retouched in cosmetic stores, and scared a few unsuspecting pedestrians.  The walk ended in Hongdae Park and the after-party was at the always crowd pleasing bar, Exit.

I missed the event last year so I was happy to show up and take a few photos for fun.  I met some very nice people and had a ridiculously fun Saturday night.  I’ll put some of the best pictures up here, but please go to Kimchibytes on facebook for the rest of the pictures.  I’ll continue to upload the pictures throughout the week.

The Best Zombie 

Zombie Walk 2013-1

Zombie Walk 2013-32


The Doctor (he’s a real doctor) is In.

Zombie Walk 2013-27

Zombie Walk 2013-37


Zombie Walk has World Class Security
Zombie Walk 2013-31 Zombie Walk 2013-30 Zombie Walk 2013-29


A Zombie’s Got to Eat

Zombie Walk 2013-28
She’s cute. I was going to get her number but they ate her.
Zombie Walk 2013-38
They didn’t get eaten, but hot zombie girls just turned them down.
Zombie Walk 2013-10
Some Zombies are more of the beer and grilled meat types.
Zombie Walk 2013-11
Mom told him he could have a snack if he ate his veggies.
Zombie Walk 2013-13
Kids these days prefer their steak rare.
Zombie Walk 2013-19
He seems a little too happy that she’s about to be eaten. I guess now he doesn’t have to worry about hurting her feelings by telling her that he’s been seeing another girl.

More Pictures

Zombie Walk 2013-33Seoul Zombiewalk 2013-42 Zombie Walk 2013-34

Zombie Walk 2013-39

Zombie Walk 2013-24 Zombie Walk 2013-20 Zombie Walk 2013-21 Zombie Walk 2013-18 Zombie Walk 2013-15 Zombie Walk 2013-16 Zombie Walk 2013-4 Zombie Walk 2013-5 Zombie Walk 2013-9 Zombie Walk 2013-8 Zombie Walk 2013-7 Zombie Walk 2013-6 Zombie Walk 2013-2 Zombie Walk 2013-23 Zombie Walk 2013-22 Zombie Walk 2013-26 Zombie Walk 2013-35 Zombie Walk 2013-36


4 Comments Add yours

  1. kimchibytes says:

    Does this work. Yes it does.


  2. TheSoulofSeoul says:

    This wasn’t the “real” Zombie Walk, I’ve heard, which may have impacted the numbers and your impression of it. The first one here was debuted by Philippe Teston, Mia Park, Kevin Seabolt, and Todd Williams four years ago and they are putting on another one this month on October 26, closer to Halloween which will probably get more people attending.


    1. I was aware of two Zombie Walks last year, but there is no “real” or “fake” zombie walk. Wish I could make it out to the second event.


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