The Cheonan World Dance Festival: A Great Event Reaching out to Foreigners and Bloggers in Korea

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Many foreigners know events like Mudfest, Korea Burn, the Lantern Festival, R16, and the Friendship Festival.  It’s time to add one more must see to your list – The Cheonan World Dance Festival.

Foreigners living in South Korea try to break away from the monotony of their weekly lives.  In fact, breaking the chains of monotony are why many of us found our way to Korea in the first place.  Still, living in a foreign country coupled with stressful jobs leaves many of us looking for an escape during the weekend or during our time off.  We need to relax and sometimes that means snuggling up with Netflix or enjoying spending time with our foreign and Korean friends.  Yet, despite our well-needed down time, we know we must take advantage of being in Korea and enjoy everything this country and its people have to offer.  In my opinion, foreigners want to embrace Korea, they just need a little advice on where to go for experiences that surpass their “me” time.  Here’s a great suggestion:  check out the Cheonan World Dance Festival.  If you are a blogger in Korea like myself, you can also get paid to share your experience.

 What is the Cheonan World Dance Festival?

The Cheonan World Dance Festival is Korea’s largest dance festival in Korea.  The event has been so popular and successful that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has awarded it the ‘Best Culture/Tour/Festival’ in Korea for the last three years.  The event is celebrating its 10th anniversary and has grown exponentially each year.  This year alone, there will be participants from 24 different countries including Turkey, Russia, France, Mexico, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.  You’ll see everything from international folk dance shows, parades, comedy dance battles and street dance contests – that means an open cypher for all my bboys.

So why does this surpass watching reruns, taking care of some errands, or sipping soju on patio furniture outside of your local GS 25?

Do you want to experience the unadulterated beauty of Korean traditional dances?  Have you missed the explosive and mind-blowing powermoves of Korean bboys?  Are you interested in observing traditional dance styles and clothing from around the world?  Do you want to listen to ‘Samulnori’, a Korean traditional percussion instrument performance?  Do you like free beverage tastings? Would you like to experience the City of Cheonan?  If you blog, would you like to go for free?  If you answered yes to any of the above, you should go.

 When, Where, and How?

The Cheonan World Dance Festival takes place from October 1st to October 6th in Cheonan Samgeori Park, Cheonan city of Chungcheongbuk-do.   The opening ceremony begins on October 2nd at 7:00 pm and the closing ceremony commences on October 6th at 7:00 pm.  There is also an evening festival that takes place October 1st from 7:30 to 9:00 pm.  

You can arrive at the festival from Seoul by bus or KTX.  If you’d like to arrive from bus, take the Seoul Metro subway to the Express Bus Terminal station located on line #3 and #7.  From the terminal, take an intercity bus to the city of Cheonan.  When you arrive at the bus station in Cheonan, you can take a bus or taxi to Cheon-an Samgeo-ri Park (in Korean ‘천안삼거리공원’).  You can take bus numbers like #500, #24, #381, or #402.  

To arrive by KTX, take a train bound for Cheonan Station (not Cheonan Asan).  From the station, take a taxi or bus to Cheon-an Samgeo-ri Park.  Busses #500, #24, #381, and #402 will take you to the park.  A taxi ride should be inexpensive as the park is close to the station.       

   I Blog.  Can I Go for Free and get Paid? 

Yes!  The festival will pay 20 different bloggers 60,000KRW after posting about their experience on their blog before October 12th.  Additionally, the transportation, lunch, and dinner costs are covered for both you and a friend.  If you blog tirelessly like I do, you know this is a great opportunity and an awesome deal for an event and a city you would blog about for free anyways.

On Saturday October 5th, we will watch contests between Korean amateur dance teams.  There will be  a comedic dance battle beginning at 3:30 pm and ending at 5:00 pm.  We will also be able to see part of the long street walking parade starting at 7:00 pm and ending at 10:30 pm before boarding back on the bus.  Throughout the day, we’ll also watch other global traditional dances, enjoy free beverages, and experience the ‘Samulnori,’ a Korean traditional percussion performance.

The free bus for the festival will depart near Seoul City Hall at noon on October 5th.  The bus will leave the event at 9 PM on the same day.  You will be notified regarding the specific departure points.  Don’t miss an opportunity to experience a great event while touring the city of Cheonan.  Also, if you don’t blog, you can still join this bus tour for a mere 30,000KRW.

To participate, Like and Share this article once on your facebook page.  Next, fill out and submit this form – click here.  I personally look forward to experiencing this event and blogging with all of you.  I would also like to thank the Cheonan World Dance Festival in advance for reaching out to the expat community in Korea.


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  1. Citlali ruiz says:

    Hello from Mexico!!, I have a question!
    Do you know any channel or page that could live transmit the Cheonan International Folk Dance live?


    1. I’ll certainly ask for you, I do not know.


      1. Citlali ruiz says:

        Thank you!!!


  2. Citlali ruiz says:

    Hello from Mexico!!, I have a question!
    Do you know any channel or page that could live transmit the Cheonan International Folk Dance?***
    ups, I made a mistake.


  3. radhaawas says:

    Hii.. Really seems intresting.. I am from Israel and want to view this show…


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