So This is a Crack House

Silk/Juice, Crackhouse, and Cakeshop:  could we possibly combine three stranger names into one event?  Yet, on May 10th, Silk/Juice joined forces with Cakeshop in Itaewon to bring yet another memorable night of electronic jams.  This was my first time at Cakeshop – a cool place.  It’s small, uniquely lit, has awesome bartenders, and most importantly, has plenty of room for dancing.    Rob McCall, and his army of DJ’s, delivered quality all night for those lucky enough in attendance.

After trying to turn their last event into a prom photo shoot, Rob and Zach asked me to provide more of a gritty feel to match the vibe of their events.  Since I am a Christian and an extremely nice guy, this was quite the challenge for me ;).  I think I managed.  Make sure to check out all of the pictures on Silk Juice’s facebook page.  As usual, I leave you with just a few of my favs.  Silk Juice will be in Hongdae at EXIT Bar, this Saturday night (May 18th) from 10pm -3pm.  Don’t miss out.

Silk Juice - Crackhouse-1Silk Juice - Crackhouse-30Silk Juice - Crackhouse-23Silk Juice - Crackhouse-12Silk Juice - Crackhouse-27Silk Juice - Crackhouse-18Silk Juice - Crackhouse-29

Congratulations on your engagement!!
Congratulations on your engagement!!

Silk Juice - Crackhouse-11Silk Juice - Crackhouse-3Silk Juice - Crackhouse-8Silk Juice - Crackhouse-17Silk Juice - Crackhouse-14 Silk Juice - Crackhouse-4Silk Juice - Crackhouse-32


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