The Best Dance Party in Seoul: Shindig! Vol. 13

Two Days of Paradise in 2013

2013 has been an incredibly trying year for me.  This year alone, I’ve suffered through a broken ankle, being homeless, almost being deported, and a break-up.  Two days after Shindig,  doctors discovered a tumor behind my nose that is obstructing my sinus cavities, hearing abilities, and nasal passages.  It creates a constant infection, which causes my body to expend extra energy leaving me in a constant state of exhaustion.  I’m having a biopsy next week to determine if the growth is malignant.

Needless to say,  I’m thankful for the opportunity Seoul Shindig provided me to forget about my problems and do something I enjoy.  I’ve worked as the photographer for Seoul Shindig for two events, and for two glorious nights, the daunting feelings of gloom and failure were overwhelmed by listening to great music, meeting friendly people, and the feeling of holding my camera in my hands.

Before reading further, please check out  Seoul Shindig’s facebook page for all 180 pictures from their event.

What is Seoul Shindig?

Korea’s longest running dance party returned on April 20th, 2013, at Club Myoungwolgwan in Hongdae, Seoul.  Jerry Stiles and Hawkeye Pierce of Seoul Shindig played the very best of the 50’s and 60’s to expats and Koreans alike, who were in need of a break from the overbearing clutches of K-Pop.

-I think their promo said it best-

We’ve been burnin’ up the dance floors of Myoungwolgwan for more than two years now. Hongdae’s longest running dance party features music from the 50/60’s in the form of Northern Soul, Motown, Malt Shop, Psych, Surf, Rockabllly and Freak-Beat to name just few.

-They even translated-

우리는 2년이 넘는 시간동안 명월관의 댄스플로어를 뜨겁게 달구어왔다. 50,60년대의 노던쏘울, 모타운, 몰트샵, 싸이크, 써프, 로커빌리, 그리고 프리크비트를 아우루는 역사가 가장 긴 홍대의 댄스파티!

Seoul Shindig always starts at 10:00 and I’ve never seen the party finish.  I left each event at 4:30 in the morning and the dancers and music junkies in attendance were not slowing down.  I did not think Shindig would top their prom event.  The 50-60’s party, however, garnered a larger crowd and was even more fun.  Although I’m 30, and I’ve sworn off clubbing and picking up chicks (I’ve learned both are futile uses of time), I would still attend these events even if I was not a photographer.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of home and the dances I attended in junior high.  Of course, you can buy drinks and partake in typical adult activities, but the overall groove from Shindig is laid back – it’s more about reflecting on the good times with friends instead of racing to get drunk or meet random strangers.  It’s a party that college students can embrace and an event of good tunes that can be enjoyed by those of us who are a little older.

As with most events I attend, I’ll post some of my favorite pictures.  I changed my shooting style for this event to be more fluid and not so uptight.  I tried not to worry about perfect lighting and having every photograph being tack sharp.  I wanted the photos to convey more of the fun atmosphere as opposed to getting a perfect shot of every person.  I still overdid the event with portraits, but I was pleased with the results.

I hope everyone enjoys the photos and I’m looking forward to the next Shindig in May!

Seoul Shindig-2

Shindig Volume 13-3 Shindig Volume 13-5 Shindig Volume 13-7 Shindig Volume 13-8 Shindig Volume 13-13 Shindig Volume 13-14 Shindig Volume 13-18 Shindig Volume 13-21 Shindig Volume 13-22 Shindig Volume 13-27 Shindig Volume 13-30 Shindig Volume 13-40 Shindig Volume 13-42 Shindig Volume 13-45 Shindig Volume 13-47 Shindig Volume 13-51 Seoul Shindig-1 Shindig Volume 13-1


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  1. endlessframe says:

    Was it like American 50s and 60s, or Korean 50s and 60s. I love that G’old Vinyl Stuff of old Korean music!


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