Silk Juice – Your One Stop for Electronic Music in Seoul

With Silk Juice throwing parties in Seoul, there will be no shortage of electronic music.  As a fan of electronic music, I know artists or DJ’s range from being practically mainstream to being extremely . . . weird.  Perhaps a better term for “weird” would be underground or groundbreaking.  Regardless, electronic music has certainly infiltrated mainstream top 40 over the last few years, even though one of its most annoying forms known as Dubstep has become the primary benefactor.

The good news is if you live in Seoul and you enjoy electronic music – Silk Juice has got you covered with monthly events.  Silk Juice covers the more popular array of electronic music, and for those of you who enjoy the “weirder” end of the electronic spectrum, the staff of Silk Juice assures you they like stuff that’s even weirder.  From what I witnessed, Silk Juice perfects the blend of spinning electronic music for a mainstream audience while drawing from the deep reservoirs of electronica to keep the purists satisfied as well.  Most importantly, they throw awesome events.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Silk Juice’s Weird Boom session held at EXIT in Hongdae on March 23rd, 2013.  Make sure to check out the rest of the photos on their facebook page.  Be sure to “like” their page while you’re visiting and check for their next event.

Silk Juice-31

Silk Juice-39

Not everyone approves lol
Not everyone approves lol

Silk Juice-32Silk Juice-58Silk Juice-61Silk Juice-28 Silk Juice-38 Silk Juice-53 Silk Juice-64

Additional Links

Aweh – Nice interview of Zach H & Rob McCall of Silk Juice

Chincha –  Silk Juice and Cakeshop.


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