Seoul Shindig: Prom 2013

Mikey Spinning the 90's all night long.
Mikey Spinning the 90’s all night long.

Seoul Shindig has a strong brand and they are known to throw the best themed parties in the capital of South Korea.  Their goal is simple: to create a fun atmosphere where people can dress up and cut loose and be reminded of the good ol’ days.  As Jerry Stiles, one of the founders of Seoul Shindig said,

“People love to think about home and the good times.  We bring them back to their Jr. high prom, their parents car, and their grandfather’s old vinyl collection – it’s great to be a part of that.”

They certainly threw one hell of a prom on March 2nd.  Even though I had a broken ankle and a fever, the melodic blend of 90’s jams from DJ Mikey transported my mind from a place of pain to a place of euphoria.  Since it was 90’s theme, I’ll use a 90’s reference from one my favorite 90’s movies

-They took me to my happy place.-

Hundreds of couples arrived classically dressed in suits, tuxedos, and dresses.  Since it’s Seoul, there were also some unorthodox styles as well, but they were just as beautiful.  I might not ever see such a grand collection of fanny-packs, Air Jordan’s, or Tupac shirts for the rest of my life.

The dance floor was alive.  People got down to music from the Notorious B.I.G. all the way to the best boy band to ever exist – The Backstreet Boys.  Even though I left around four, Club Myoungwolgwan was still packed.  Seoul Shindig’s next event won’t be until April 20th.  However, if you have a big circle around your weekend plans and you want a party with some flair and a touch of nostalgia, don’t miss their next event!

A very special thanks to Belle for assisting me with photography.  You can check out her blog, There May Be More.  If you need an event photographer, contact her!  She’s one of the best event photographers I have ever worked with.

Enjoy the pictures!

Shindig Prom-22

Brent Shindig Prom-12

Shindig Prom-15

Brent Shindig Prom-64

Brent Shindig Prom-74

Brent Shindig Prom-100

Shindig Prom-23

Brent Shindig Prom-4

Brent Shindig Prom-45

Shindig Prom-9

Shindig Prom-3

Brent Shindig Prom-88

Brent Shindig Prom-78

Brent Shindig Prom-83

Brent Shindig Prom-82

Brent Shindig Prom-102

Brent Shindig Prom-3

Brent Shindig Prom-15

Shindig Prom-5

Brent Shindig Prom-28

Brent Shindig Prom-56

Brent Shindig Prom-103

Shindig Prom-49

Shindig Prom-18


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