Best Links of the Week – The Seolall Edition.

Happy Seollal!  I hope everyone is enjoying their celebration of the New Year.  The great thing about living in Korea is we get to celebrate the New Year twice.

Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle last Thursday running over ice to meet Haley for Samgyeopsal.  So, I’ve been laying in bed all weekend trying to keep my foot above my heart-no fun.  Haley, in the meantime, went to Guam instead of taking care of me:)  She’s supposed to edit all the posts on Kimchibytes but she’s been slacking lately so I doubt she’ll see this.  I miss her, but I hope she’s having an amazing beach-filled trip.

In Korea, we are celebrating the New Years this weekend.  I should be out taking pictures but the ankle injury prevented me from taking advantage of the Lunar New Year.  In the meantime, I have some amazing reads for you if you are relaxing at home today.  Enjoy!

A Very Bloody Korean Contemporary History Video Game– This is a company in Korea who turned Korea’s modern history into a video game.  It’s disturbing and very bloody.


North Korean American Film Star– A captured American soldier who was forced to play evil westerners in North Korea’s Hollywood.  This ia an unbelievable story.

Psy vs. The Soju Shots – Psy has become more popular.  Soju sales have also soared across the world.  This commercial was inevitable.


South Korea Warns US that North Korea’s Nuclear Capability is Close – This is just not good news.  There is always a lot of chatter, but I do believe the situation has escalated.

Early Geopolitical Cartoons of Japan and Korea – This is a great write-up examining a cartoon and the geopolitical situation of East Asia in the early 20th century.

Asian Conglomerates are Diversifying and Growing Quickly – WordPress had a ton of great posts this week.  This is truly excellent work!

Amazing Photos of South Korea from the 1960’s

The Drama of E-Sport



Asiana Flight Attendants Will be Allowed to Wear Pants

Busan Haps – Kimchibytes Photography featured on pages 26 and 27 🙂


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    Hey thanks for the ping back and the props – much appreciated!


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