Best Link’s of the Week – February 2nd Edition

These are some of the best reads I found about Korea over the last week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  If you’re partying, enjoy the much improved weather.  If you’re an introvert like me, enjoy chillin’ at your home doing whatever it is that us introverts like to do!  If you found any other great articles this week, please add them in the comment section.

Koreabang– Park Geun Hye is getting married – If you thought Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama were scary, get a load of the creepy wedding invitations.

Huffington Post – Google Maps Finds Prison Camps and Nuclear Sites in North Korea   –If you live in a cave, you didn’t learn that google mapped North Korea.  They located nuclear sites and prison camps.  Holy Balls!

The Strollers on Youtube – If you dislike a K-pop video, you will suffer the wrath of Asia.  The Strollers learn the hard way.  Check out the comments lol.

Idlewordship – The-Debate-on-Prostitution-in-Korea-and-Abroad – A great read on prostitution in South Korea

Seoul Searching – The Dark Side of K-Pop, and Other Things You May not Understand-
I have ADHD, and I read this whole article.  It’s a very interesting exposition on how important K-pop is to changing and supporting South Korea.

Chincha – Photo Essay on Metal Stair Cases. – Have you ever gone up the escalators of a subway and thought they would make cool pictures.  Well, they do!

Chosun Ilbo – Unemployment sucks in Korea for college graduates, too.  – Check out the related articles at the bottom!

Busan Haps – Canadian Soldiers Played Ice Hockey in Korea during the Korean War– This is my favorite magazine in South Korea.  There will be an Ice Hockey demonstration on February 3rd in honor of the past events.  I’ll be there!  This is a great article with timeless photographs!

Groove – Remember the Korean kid “Annyong” from Arrested Development –  Groove interviewed him!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hehe thanks for the shout-out Brett! 🙂 We can face these puberty-ridden monsters and we will win! Maybe you can join us for a reaction video sometime?


    1. Absolutely, although I’m not a big K-pop fan so it would be kind of funny. Also, if you guys ever want to write about Korean pop-culture I’d be very happy to put it on Kimchibytes. You guys do Korean popular culture the best in my humble opinion.


      1. The Strollers says:

        Thank you kindly good sir 🙂 We would love to write something for your blog; we’ll put our heads together and put our best creative foot forward. Hope your own foot is on the mend, stay away from Itaewon! ❤


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