Kimchibytes Welcomes Andy Baxley

On the web, Kimchibytes grew considerably since November.  Even in person, it’s strange to go out because if one person mentions Kimchibytes, it’s not uncommon for someone else in the group to actually know about this blog.  The responses encourage me and I would like to thank everyone who supports this blog- especially those who follow Kimchibytes by e-mail or on WordPress. As a teacher, however, it’s hard to find time to take great pictures and write articles that people will read.  I spend a considerable amount of time working on this blog and that’s why it’s had some success.

Nonetheless, my photography card is going to get full this year and I knew a long time ago that I would need other talented contributors to help grow this site.  That’s why I’m ecstatic to welcome Andy Bax to Kimchibytes.  Andy is someone who I’ve admired for a long time.  Even though he is ridiculously talented as a photographer, he might be an even better writer.  For those of you who like very informative and thought provoking posts by blogs like the Three Wise Monkeys or Bobster’s House, Andy’s style follows a similar suit.  Except, Andy brings his own fresh perspective.  Andy doesn’t only ask good questions when he writes; he often provides well-defined answers and solutions.

Andy will be back in Korea near the end of February.  He’s already contributed a fantastic article about “English Mania” that will be posted this week.  Andy will be one of the main writers for Kimchibytes, but he knows I will support him in all of his individual endeavors as well.  In fact, I encourage everyone to visit his excellent blog at The Nomad Diary.

On a side note, I’ve been told that Andy is very handsome man who is over 6 feet tall.  He does not share my enthusiasm for religion or my conservative points of view.  He will provide a nice balance for Kimchibytes and I anticipate he’ll probably have a few female followers 🙂

Below is an example of some of his excellent photography of Korea.

Andy Baxley-8 Andy Baxley-7 Andy Baxley-6 Andy Baxley-5 Andy Baxley-4 Andy Baxley-3 Andy Baxley-2


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