Cats on Hongdae

This weekend was an epic fail.  I ventured to the opening of the Lantern Festival only to watch my camera dive off of a five foot tripod and crash into the harsh pavement of life.  All hope for my life ended, which would not be revived by either the election of Mitt Romeny or Barrack Obama in the near future.   Fortunately, after I cried silently on the way home to preserve my manhood card in front of my real girlfriend (not to be confused with my camera), I discovered the cheap lens attached to my camera took the brunt of the blow thus preserving my sanity, social life (taking pictures) and hope for the future.

On Sunday, I decided to head towards Namdaemun to replace my broken lens and shutter release cable.  The idea was to complete the task with brevity, allowing me to move to Hongdae so I could take some pictures during the day time.  Fail.  I replaced the lens within 20 minutes and picked up a great fx lens for 100,000 won.  However, everyone tried to charge me 50,000 won for a shutter release cord which consists of a cord attached to a flimsy piece of plastic.  In America, a shutter release cord might set you back six or seven dollars.  Finding a reasonably priced shutter release cord took me an extra hour to complete negating photography time in Hongdae.  When I finally arrived in Hongdae, it was raining.  FML.

They say when life gives you lemons; make lemonade.  Some of us don’t like lemonade and are slightly more effeminate.  So, I have a different solution.  When life goes awry and makes you sad, the only solution is to squeeze a f***ing kitty.

I called my best friend, Rob, and told him to meet me in Hongdae for some much needed man-time/male bonding.  What better way to catch up with your best friend than play with some cats?  There’s nothing gay about it.  In Rob’s defense, he was not happy with our destination.  He asked me why we didn’t go to the dog bar instead.  Let me note that I thought this was a legitimate question.

Kitty-Rob Face off

Regardless, we showed up at Tom’s Cat Cafe in Hongdae.  The drinks were expensive but this should be expected since this bar is home to (according to the wall) 36 cats.  You are not paying 7,000 won for a sub-par caramel macchiato,  you are paying to squeeze some kitties.

The coffee shop was clean and filled with all sorts of furniture and places for the cats to climb and play. The cats are adorable, healthy, and very friendly.  The staff spoke great English and constantly reminded me not to pick up the cats.  This did not happen.  (Koreans are much easier to ignore when they don’t speak English. ) Rob, not being a cat person, asked me why we didn’t just go grab a drink in an alley.  The answer was simple; I  needed cat time.

Kittie is not impressed

If you would like to learn more about this place of warm fuzzy kitties, please visit Alien’s Day Out Blog (Here) for a very well written and photographed description of Tom’s Cat Cafe.  He or she wrote such an amazing piece on this cafe that my write-up will remain eternally irrelevant.  Not to mention, they have an amazing blog.  Apart from that, I hope these cats bring a small smile to your face like they did for me.  I think even Rob started to come along after a while.

Here’s my purring, friendship, maybe??


Hongik University Station, line 2, exit 9. Walk up the road leading towards Hongdae playground. The cat cafe is across from the Art Box store, on the 3rd floor.
Address: 서울특별시 마포구 서교동 358-125 3층
Phone: 010-8900-0450

For my alcoholics, this cafe is basically by the park in Hongdae.  It’s across (Not quite) from Cocoon and next (a building or two down)  to Zen Bar on the third floor.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anneka says:

    geez Brent, way to make me want to play with kitties. I miss my gigantic lump of fur back home.


  2. David Sheffield says:

    Glad you were able to fix the camera! Did the kitties remind you of your beloved (in kitty heaven cat) TJ?


    1. I certainly thought about her. I miss that cat!


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