1st Annual Halloween in Hongdae Costume Awards

I captured these great costumes near Hongdae Park on October 28th, 2012.  I apologize for missing the Zombie Walk, but I was negotiating for camera equipment in Chungmurro.  I still think I did the wonderful Zombie Nation justice with my photographs.  However, if some of you want to dress up again for no good reason and scare Koreans in the subway I will photograph it for free.  For those of you logging in from the Western side of the world, Halloween is intense for the foreign population of Seoul.  We take it seriously, perhaps more seriously than Christmas.  However, I observed far more Koreans involved in the festivities this year, which I was really excited about.  Before we begin, I wanted to make a few notes.

1. One piece animal costumes are officially out– I know many of you like to slip on a one-piece gerbil, duck, gopher, or zebra.  These costumes amused me at Korea Burn and the Formula one races.  However, when sixty-plus foreigners wear them at one time in one place you might as well worn an extra tight pair of jeans from Uni-Glow.  These costumes are lazy and should be abandoned immediately.

2. Zombies are in and Vampires are out– This was definitely the year of the Zombie.  I’m unsure if I saw one vampire outfit.  Since Twilight forever ruined the job class of vampires, this is a good thing.  I’m willing to bet Walking Dead impacted costumes in Korea and all over the world.

3.  Photobombing- Photobombing is all the rage this year.  It’s awesome and it’s funny and I get it.  However, when someone is taking a picture while his underpaid zombie assistant is redirecting his flash by holding a reflector while another drunk, impatient zombie is letting him take their picture, then photobombing is not cool.  Except, I still laugh my ass off when I open up some of these pictures.

4.  Jobless- No one hired me for Halloween.  I’m a little upset because I’m worth 100 bucks to hire for an event.  I could get angry or I could just make an awesome post while event holders look at semi-blurry and uninspiring photography of their events.  The whole point of hiring an event photographer is to create a buzz for your event or promotion.  Good luck generating more views then this post.  Also, thank you for allowing me an opportunity to get more creative!

5.  Where is my picture?–  Fear not, if you did not make this post you will find your picture on kimchibytes on facebook.  I’ll be uploading them throughout the week.

Best Couple

Holy $#### Award

Most Original

“Coach Hines” from Mad TV.  -Genius

Most Foreign Costume to Korea

Best Superhero

Sexiest Girl

Best Korean Contribution

“The Walking Dead K-Pop Group”

-Korean men still have better style than me in their Halloween Costumes.

Best Group Idea

Ani-pang Fever –  Boys, you lost your man cards on this one.

Sexiest Guys

Best Eyes (and “why are you taking my picture” face)

Best in-costume Characters

Best Character from a Movie

“Uma Thurman”

That strange creature from Donnie Darko.

Most Photogenic

Most Innocent
-Happy Birthday Big Guy-


-A special thanks to everyone who let me work with them and a very special thanks to Leslie and Cortney who worked with me the whole night.  We made some magic!-



10 Comments Add yours

  1. Robert says:

    Brent, beautiful work…. You are the definition of a Professional Photographer……Now if you could just get paid on a Professional level……

    From your Friend Rob


  2. This pictures are phenomenal. Are these all with flash? If so, your getting really good with it!


  3. Rachel says:

    I love Kimchibytes photographer and the man behind it all! Awesome stuff Brent. Thanks for photographing me as a badass 🙂 P.S- if you DO get people to dress up like zombies on the subway and scare people…. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me so I can tag along to witness it.


  4. Silvini says:

    Awesome pictures!!!…….
    OMG…If I would have seen that dude from Donnie Darko I would have had a heart attack!!!………I hate that thing!!


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