Why My Mom is a Badass!

I just received this from home. My family put stock in the supposedly epic fail at 3:30. However, since I live abroad I have the perspective to know my mother’s awesomeness vanquishes any small misstep of playing with fire. Mom, I love you; you look like a badass, and you are a badass. Don’t get mad at me for saying you are a badass because even Jesus would agree with me after watching you play with fire. Hell knows no fury like a mother’s fire baton.

Why My Mom is Awesome

Reason #36- She sends me badass care packages when I’m away from home!

Reason #37- She spins a fire baton. . . on her nose. And her bandana looks pretty sweet. She would have fit right in with Burn Korea 2012.


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  1. Alex says:

    “WOW, she throwed it then catched it, again and again, it makes an 8, circles, nana’s AWESOME!!!” LOVE THIS! your mum is hardcore!


  2. kaliber411 says:

    She is a super awesome “mum.”


  3. China Baz says:

    Momma BAMF here’s what I wrote in response when I got this shared with me: “Um so in your head i’ll let you build the reactions I just had. Just start with the, “YOUR MOM HAS A FIRE BATON?!?!” and then build up from there to just before the fall where it was “GO NANA! GO NANA! It’s your birthday. Not for real-real just for play-play.” I did appreciate it. Tell her next year to try and make it to a spinner conference: WildFire (http://wildfireretreat.com/), Kinetic Fire, FireDrums, or Pacific Fire Gathering (closest to farthest). It’s good to know that spinners keep spinning! I also appreciate your blog and all that you share on it. Keep up the work.”

    Also I fully support threatening your nephew with fire till he changes the title. There was nothing fail about that… I know I have second degree burns on my right hand from a Fire-breathing Fail!


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