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Daehangno is an area in Seoul known for its ample theaters and live shows. It’s adjacent to many universities and is one subway stop past Dongdaemun.  The vicinity of Daehangno promotes a unique concoction of students, art junkies, tourists, performers and musicians.  I’ve photographed a good portion of the area and one of my favorite bars is known as Jazz Story.  Many people have photographed the unique sign outside, but I question if any foreigners have ventured deep within.  The inside of Jazz Story provokes a sense of anticipation that you might feel while waiting in line for a major attraction at Universal Studios. Seriously, the decor is mind-blowing. My date suggested the inside reminded her of the barn from the movie Twister where they experienced the inside of a tornado. However, I really have no adjectives to properly describe the interior, which is really what qualifies something as photo-worthy in the first place. My date and I spent Saturday evening listening to a talented band (They played a little jazz, mostly other music) and sipping (I sipped, she chugged) on some moderately priced drinks.  It was a good break from they typical expat fare and an even better place to visit on Saturday if you abhor the drunken party scenes in Itaewon or Hongdae and prefer cultured fun.  Take line four past the Dongdaemun station to the Hyewha station.  Head towards exit 2 and explore.

Please enjoy the pictures and I’ve compiled a collection of articles and information regarding Daehangno here. It’s an area that deserves a weekend to be explored if you live in South Korea.

Here is a link to Jazz Story’s website for directions and more information.