10 Things I Hate about Korea

In honor of the announcement of a sequel to 10 Things I Hate About You(I think this movie is a bad idea), I decided it was only fitting to release a 10 Things I Hate About Living in South Korea.

Before I begin, let me clarify that this is a joke.  I don’t hate living in South Korea.  This is not my 95 Thesis of why someone should not come live, teach or visit Korea.  It’s just a few things that mildly annoy me.  I do not have a strong history of verbal tact, so there is the potential this is a bad idea since I’ve designed a blog around the fact that I live in South Korea.  Let me assure my Korean readers that this will be followed by a 13 things I love about South Korea.  However, if someone wrote a “10 things I hate about foreigners living in South Korea”, I would gladly post it.  Remember, this is all in good fun and my commentary does not reflect my complete understanding of what I describe below.  I could make a list like this for any place I have lived, especially Jacksonville, Florida.

10.  It’s easier to find Waldo than to find a garbage can.

I’m hip, I’m green, I even drink a coke zero because I’m passing up on diabetes to develop cancer when I’m older.  I get off of the subway and I’m ready to dispose of my 500 ml bottle but there is a small problem.  Where the hell is a garbage can?  I leave the subway station, walk for blocks and I can’t find any garbage cans on the streets or in any public quarters.  I see you(Koreans) eating your Pepero sticks, Diget Cookies, and finger sized yogurt drink/snacks on the subway.  Are you Houdini?  Do you stick this crap in your pockets?  How do you magically dispose of everything?

9. My trash cost more than my couch.

OOooh!  Someone is moving so they are throwing away a nice leather couch because it is easier to buy a new one than move an old one to their new place.  I’ll take it.  I love two things in life; winning and free stuff!

Let me just throw away my old couch.

“Rob, why is security chasing us?  What, they want me to pay 20,000 won to throw it away when I removed an equally heavy couch from the garbage in the first place.  That’s preposterous!  Quick! Run!  We’ll show them!  We’ll find somewhere to put this couch for free.   Screw the system!  How far is that guy going to follow us down the street!??  Obviously, not far enough.  This spot looks perfect.”

1 Year later…

8. Hello Kitty Doggy.

Yes, we all know that you(Koreans) eat dog.  However, I’m ok with this and I would still like to eat dog before I leave.  This is a specific dog raised with the intent of eating, just like how we raise specific cows and pigs with the intent to eat them in America.  If Americans need to be educated on this they simply need to watch the Whale Wars episode of South Park.

Nevertheless, my beef(or dog meat(걔 고기) if you will) with you is not about the dog you eat, but about the dogs you keep as pets.  These dogs drink your coffee with you at Tom и Toms, you dress them in tutus and pink sweaters, you paint their doggy nails and you color their hair.  As one straight guy might say to another, “that’s gay.”  Furthermore, on three different occasions I have now witnessed doggies dressed with Hello Kitty sweaters.  Do you understand there is not a more degrading thing you can do to a dog?  In English, we have the word “emasculating”.  It literally means to deprive a man of his identity of being a man.  In other words, it is something that makes him less of a man.  There is no word for what you to do dogs until now… Depoochifying(verb).  You have robbed dogs of their identities and made them less dog.  You are a nation of depoochifiers(noun) and your depoochified(adjective) dogs have suffered because of your obsession with cuteness.

Most people just take my balls, but you took my dignity.

7. Noodle Suckers.

You’ve told me I’ve been too loud.  You’ve told to use my “Korean Manners because this is Korea.”  Yet, when it comes to sucking noodles or ramen you seem to think there is a black hole attached to your face.  Seriously, you are not sucking a cobra into your mouth.  You do not need to summon a vacuum like force to ensure the flimsy noodle meets its demise(Slurping actually shows approval for the food but it’s still funny to watch.)

Korean family sucking noodles.

6. Crossing the Street.

I know. . . the traffic signal says we can’t cross.  However, you passed calculus six by eighth grade.  If there are no cars coming, you can safely cross.  Think of it as sticking it to Japan every time you do.

5.  Dress to Impress.

In the west, girls dress up to go to a fancy club on Friday night.  They make sure they’ve got that sleek black dress, perfected hair, and those sexy high heels that make them taller than me and also make me officially ineligible to date.  Well, that’s the type of preparation it takes in Korea for a woman to drop by the supermarket and pick up some Tofu.  That’s right, Koreans dress up to do everything.  There is no “throwing on a sweater” to run an errand.  What if your future husband sees you but he’s not misled by all the makeup and time you spend making yourself not look like yourself?  Rarely will you see a Korean on the subway without a perfectly matched outfit with proper layering, properly color coordinated themes and accessories.  This is annoying to me because I’m particularly gifted at looking like crap most of the time.

Koreans’ obsession with dressing their best extends to outdoor activities as well.  There is no t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes standard.  If they go hiking, they are bringing the backpacks, hiking sticks, and two hundred dollars of North Face gear and equipment to reach that 30 minute summit.  Granted, that gear usually includes a few bottles of Soju;)  However, can we say overkill?  I get stares when I run outside in 60 degree weather because I’m not covered from head to toe.  Imagine the disdain when I(from Florida) wore flip-flops to cross the street(A 10 second trip) while it was snowing outside…

4.  Dancing

Dear Korea,

You do know that shuffling is kind of a joke, right?  LMFAO made a catchy song, but shuffling is not a lifestyle.  It’s not like the surfing or bboy lifestyle.  “Everyday I’m Shuffling” is a fun thing to say, but we are not literally shuffling every day.  Sometimes it’s more productive to go out at night and talk and dance with people instead of increasing your shuffle steps with the boys in a corner.  For Koreans who don’t shuffle,  dancing involves more than just jumping up and down.  There are beats you try to match and other body movements available to utilize in your repertoire.  If you are a girl and I try to dance with you, you do not need to shout “no hotel” and run away.  I’m just trying to dance with you, not rape you.  Also, a faster beat or added noise to a song does not make it better; it just makes it faster and usually more annoying.

3. Boendegi

This is the delightful treat of boiled silk worm pupae(it actually has a very touching history).  It’s often being sold outside near places with lots of people(where you want to be).  It’s particularly putrid if you are pushing yourself running outside.  You might be feeling a little nauseous from overexertion and the aroma of the pupae, boiling and steaming in the sun, will immediately trigger those symptoms to manifest.

2. Ajummas

You are the old ladies of Korea.  You are to be respected, revered, honored and cherished.  You age at half the rate of all other women on Earth and you get to sit in the envied reserved section on the subway which is always empty.  SO WHY ARE YOU SO PISSED OFF!!??  You have pushed me down the stairs (out of a bus) because you were in a rush.  You always skip me in line.  You cut me off when I’m walking.  While I’m purchasing groceries and handing the cashier money, you throw your groceries on top of my arms and expect me to be nice about it!  Plus, you spit a lot and often near my feet.  It’s not just me, I see you do these things to everyone.

I do  not think America is a better or greater country than Korea, but I do think American grandmas are superior.  They make us ice cream and lemonade.  They tell us stories of old to inspire us.  They ask us to tell them about our future plans so we are encouraged to dream.  We love old ladies in America.  But my dear ajummas…  You wait for me to look the other way so you can stick your foot out and trip me.  If we’re in a line for mandu, you would take out one of my kneecaps to get the space ahead of me.  I just don’t understand.  I want to like you, but you make it incredibly difficult to do so.

1. Couple’s Outfits

Girls, if you can get your men to do this you either wear the pants in the relationship or you should be very concerned when he says he’s having a “boy’s night out.”


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  1. Jessie says:

    I hate these little urine colored bastards. There is no difference between a north Korean and a South Korean. Except a fence. Those little dog sucking bastards need to get off this planet earth. There is no other country that wants them, or will take them. In a few years, we will be sending men to Mars. How about sending these little Kimchee eating stains to the Sun. I think that would be fair. Only 93,000,000.00 miles away. If you put them end to end, they should be able to make a chain to the Sun. God, I hate the way they look, smell, the way they talk. Just everything about these little woks. Ok, enough for now, God Bless. The Reverend Jessie Jackson.


  2. Caspar says:

    I hate Korea. What a shit hole. Go to Japan. It is a much better and more civilized country.


  3. gooks says:

    i hate Korea i just fucking hate this place everybody must and should know that koreans are fucktarded pussies who just cares about their “passionate” cloths and trying hard to change their shitty faces into factory made faces which is WEIRD AS FUCK… and these students (i meant youth) all they know is study study study WTF? they have no fun in their life and i think this explains why koreans are little pussy who have no fucking courage to stand up to what’s not right, like what? like blocking porns (emm.. all i can think of) and thus since they have… very “few” sexual activities involved in their life their dicks are small as shit (i think :P) unlike me :D) so Korea is shitty place to be in.


  4. 개새끼야 says:

    부모가 영어공부 시켜줬더니 외국망신 시키고 다니는구나


    1. kimchibytes says:

      Something about studying abroad and parents but I don’t know Korean enough to understand this sentence.


      1. Anonymous says:

        It just bark at you so don’t listen to him


  5. korean says:

    i understand about your sucking expression in korea but it’s too out-dated informations


    1. kimchibytes says:

      Very true- I wrote this in 2012. I have some new things I could definitely add 🙂


  6. Raikiri says:

    I’m Korean and holy shit I regret being born here. I been living and travelling around the globe and experienced many culture but Korea…. man….. This country is a dystopia. They are so strict and complicated with EVERYTHING to the point I want to kill my self, they say they are respectful and everything but pfff stereotypical. I wish I was Japanese even if everything is a little expensive because they have what is called freedom and respect. Korea is a cage that suffocates you little by little. And that is coming from a Korean with multiple cultures.


    1. Bayard Sartoris says:

      My Korean girlfriend killed herself because she couldn’t stand living here. Koreans drove her to self-murder; it was better to be dead than to live here, Koreans were so cruel and cold. I blame Koreans for her death. Every time I see a kimchi b___h, with princess disease here, who would look like an ugly country pumpkin if she didn’t have surgery, I think, “Why are you alive and _________ (my girlfriend’s name), who was a much better person than you, is dead?” Korean women are evil, vampires from the crypt, predatory zombies from Hell. Thank God they don’t want to reproduce.


    2. Bayard Sartoris says:

      Forgive me, please. It is late at night and I got carried away. In fact, there are many good women here, but I think they either leave, have mental breakdowns or kill themselves like my girlfriend, because the society is so evil and cruel.


  7. haterofkimchibytes says:

    not all koreans are like that. And stop with the hatred. it is very insulting to the people that live there.NOT ALL people eat dog, NOT ALL people match outfits with couples. And oh please what do you know about noodle sucking? LOTs of people are loud noodle suckers. but is that a problem?


    1. kimchibytes says:

      My point was that Koreans dress dogs up as cats and do things like paint their nails. This is not uniquely Korean, but Koreans do have a tendency to treat dogs more like accessories than pets. Regardless, if you are stuck on the dog eating thing you completely missed the point.


  8. haterofkimchibytes says:

    oh when you were writing weird things about korea, did you think about what it would be like to be made fun of the country you were from? CONGRADULATION! you made me feel terrible about being korean! are you really going to do this to people? here i ‘ll say this, i think some places in america are very dirrty places to live in or be in like subways. and i think people here are more impolite than in korea. BUT GUESS WHAT, i am not judging everyone like you did of all koreans. How dare you. i mean i don’t judge all people because some people are like that. like america, lots of people are mean and strange but not everyone is like that. lots of people are kind and amazing right.


    1. kimchibytes says:

      Did you even really read what I wrote? There are plenty of things that annoy me about America as well. I think you should review the first two paragraphs and not be so stuck on the title of the article.


  9. poop says:

    This list could absolutely be the 100 things I hate about Korea…
    . The food is boring (gochujeon spicy or sweet.
    . Full of meat
    . And the ruin perfectly good food from other countries (why is my bread sweet? Why does my pizza have corn?)
    . The kids favourite activity is video/computer games and they are mindless morons whose only response to you is “headshot.”
    . A complete lack of curiosity in the world around them
    . A complete lack of curiosity as to what the English shite on their shirts say
    . They can’t drive. If I almost get clipped on the fucking sidewalk one more time, heads will roll.
    . Their music sucks
    . They don’t actually like music, only whatever is new and whatever they think they should like
    . Movies, too. “My favourite movie is Trabsformers 4” is bullshit.
    . This country is racist as fuck
    . And they systematically stamp out individuality. By middle school, they are expected to essentially look the same. If your hair is anything but straight and black, you get a demerit, thus eliminating even yhe idea of a non-Korean attending school here
    . And they don’t ask why
    . Gag Concert
    . They are sexist
    . Alcoholism is promoted
    . Smoking, too
    . They are nationalistic to a fault and are pretty much only aware of Korean history until they’re in university
    . They are a buch of sore losers who hate any country that has ever faulted them throughout history (don’t bring up Yuna Kim…)
    . And they, so blissfully ignorant, think they’re the best


  10. Like americas better says:

    Ive been raised in korea and your just so fucked up
    the only reason why you see clubbers every friday night or prople eating weird things is because you visited or lived in a shitty place. All country has rich counties and poor counties. Maybe you just couldnt afford to live in a nice apartment or nice neighborhood. and also, ramen is what they ate to survive in the 50s and 60s during the war. To koreans, Ramen is just like a sandwich. So if you dont know anything, just shut up and stop being retarded cause youre making fool out of yourself ㅗ


  11. This OP sucks dick says:

    This is basically just making fun of Korean culture. Go fuck yourself OP


  12. korean down says:

    Damn It Korea,I’m so happy for ur shitty place. U r such a pain in the ass. My people r so addicted to all ur shit of ur lies and try to be like western country. Ur the worst country in North eastern Asia.plus u have nothing better than Japan.


    1. youre down says:

      If you don’t know anything about korea,
      Fuck off ㅗ


  13. ㅗㅗㅗ says:

    미친 좇같은새끼들 아
    한국이 나쁘다하면서 니네나라는 좋을꺼같음?

    짱깨ㅅㄲ들이랑 쪽빠리새끼들도 ㅈㄴ 더럽고 가식같아
    그니깐 한국만 욕하지마


  14. lol says:

    ㅋㅋㅋ 한놈이 ㅗ쓰니깐 다쓰네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


  15. kimchibytes says:

    Cleaned out some of the hate. Keep it clean folks. No reason for the Korean/Foreigner hate. This post was more or less a joke with kernels of truth, every culture and place has things that are annoying. The title is simply a title.


    1. S says:

      No please, the post itself was fine. But the comments? They sicken me. Have you read them? You said you’re getting rid of some hate and tell us to keep it clean, but what about those who hate on korea? Why don’t you remove comments that blindly state that korea is a fucking shithole without a reason?


      1. Fabio says:

        I have removed some of them, but they keep piling up and this is not my full time job. Opinions are opinions, don’t let the haters bother you.


  16. 개어이없음 says:



  17. averagekorean says:

    Stay out of Korea. Koreans don’t want non Koreans there. We love OUR people. Racial segregation is best for the dna privileged but once we cannot any longer avoid the global toilet….then genocide is to follow. Tolerance will be tolerated as long as our quality of lives are not reduced/obstructed by the global mess certian caucasians/ all blacks / all mexicans and other dna toilets are causing amongst themselves. To ALL non koreans..stay out please. You are not welcome. We South Koreans thank the Americans for the introduction of capitalism and democracy but that is where it ends. Your dirty nigger infested liberal country is a shame and the destruction is imminent. Just refer to your major capitols….a infested parasitic liberal populace with a low IQ and a high reproductive rate. Koreans will isolate, innovate and continue being ourselves. Foreigners, please stay out of Korea. NONE OF YOU ARE WELCOME.


    1. kimchibytes says:

      I could have mentioned sexism, racism, prostitution, child abuse, xenophobia, and homophobia as actual real things I don’t like about Korea. But, I was being nice. I doubt Koreans like you my good sir.


    2. Garrett says:

      Actually I kind of get the feeling this is just honest sentiment. I don’t feel welcome here. My kids aren’t welcome here. We are “other”. not hated, loathed, or attacked… But still, not welcome is not welcome. And I’m ok with that. I’ve made my peace and I’m gettin the hell out.

      Maybe as tourists, businessmen, TV stars, or ESL teachers – foreigners might be welcome in this society, but an average Joe or Jill…nah-ah. Just slap a big “외국인” placard on their foreheads and get yer kicks and giggles at the foreigner zoo attraction!


    3. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ says:

      Hey, um, sure. A few of those might be true. But, it does truly hurt me to see comments like this. I- personally living as a Korean- never EVER try to even THINK about racism. And also please mind the fact that we don’t close ourselves! In fact, we are trying our best to take our step out into the world! I will never ever think such things as korean. Thank you.


    4. Lily says:

      I was just passingby this website till i read this stupid comment. If koreans hate foreigners why then do they establish embassies in other countries? Why do they even bother copying americans? Ive been having issues living with koreans and honestly living with you people makes usbrealize thatbyoubate notnwhat you potray. Its good that no country is your colony but talking like this to people is way out of line yet you people potray yourselves as well mannered. I think everything potrayed about koreans isnt true. 80 percent of it is false. If you hate foreigners this much i think your post wouldnt be in emglish.
      Thos post wasnt all that bad, it was just humour. These are things we find in every country to some of us who travel here and there. I had a different picture about koreans before coming to korea but am shocked by my findings. And thatnks for confirming this to some of us. Very shameful!


  18. tk says:

    Ha.. well i am korean n i hate fuckn korean.. but many ppl say it used to be better than now.. getting sucks.. seriously your writing took my breath while i was reading n made my head keeps nod(?) Anyway love it!


    1. kimchibytes says:

      Thanks – it was all good fun. People are taking this a little too harshly.


  19. shittygook says:

    i really hate fucking smells of kimchi


  20. Busan says:

    There are the thing that i hate most in this country.

    1.As soon as actors from abroad arrive in the Incheon international Airport, Almost every of them are asked “Do you know psy?” “Do you know gang-nam style?” “Do you know blahblahblah….” Those Korean idiot journalists have to stop arsing about.

    2.A lot of Korean drama writers make up the story in feminism by which Korean women have been affected and are filling with mammonism so their boy friend should be perfect in making money and also having BMW or expensive cars that i have never seen before.

    Even as of now i am hearing the women’s gossip because i am working in goverment office with them…i am so sick of it.

    When i told this story to one of my friends (foreigner) “Korean men are too pity and must have been tired”

    3.Being with surveillance cameras, i mean.. In this country No individual actions are allowed, wherever You go or work or hang out with Korean, you have to be kept abreast of them, too tired…


  21. e gold says:

    If you came to korea to try different cultures, you must respect korean culture even tho we eat beondegi. Why are you complainning because you and us are different? And korean ajummas make kids lemonade ,awesome foods and tell them good stories too. I have been to american few years ago. Some Old female been mean to me too. They kept beat me with fat ass on the bus or train. Sounds like…To pick up your cup from the sea, and you say there is no whale. Do not judge us as you seen one of facet that lightly.

    Couple look isnt bad as you thought. That is one kind of way to prove the love. Its culture difference
    Plus i have seen many trash on street in america too. And these student guys didnt dance shuffle.
    Just dancing of club no named.


    1. kimchibytes says:

      I totally respect Korean culture. There are probably things you would like and dislike regarding American culture as well. This is just a list of a few of my dislikes. I included another list of my likes as well.

      These things are just my opinion. Most of these things are neither good or bad. Grandparents in the states though are way cooler and Bondegi, despite it’s beautiful tradition, smell awful – just my observation.


  22. somz says:

    Fuck you man. Get out korea then.


    1. kimchibytes says:

      Why. Did you actually read the first paragraph? This is not a hate piece on Korea.


    2. Garrett says:

      OK. peace out! see ya! u can keep your delightful bugs and old folks.


  23. inmyopinion says:

    Basically, I absolutely agree on your post Even i am a korean But what i am worrying about you is that Korean would get your blog down because they never accept bad thing to hear from other.


  24. Blabla says:

    What I love about Korea. Not living there any more.
    What I hate about Korea. The fact that Koreans travel.


  25. merrychristmas says:

    Well… I agree with you for some reasons though I’m a Korean, but really, it’s not even your body. “Dress to Impress”, “Dancing”, “Couple’s Outfit” ?? I don’t know what’s bothering you. Maybe you should just ignore them instead of posting it on your SNS. Because first, some Koreans will terrorize your SNS because they think its insulting and second, some foreigners can think Korea negatively.


    1. I write about things I like and dislike. Merry Christmas!


    2. Garrett says:

      if I had known what I knew about Korea before coming here, I never would have come. I for one want to warn as many
      “외국인” as I can. Don’t come to Korea!
      …and yes, I am leaving this shit hole just as soon as I can get the plane tickets


  26. krazycore says:

    I am a Korean, and I just want to say that…
    Even though there are so many other things to hate in this country.
    I couldn’t agree more… I absolutely loved it including your hilarious humors and usage of words.

    No matter what these stupid comments tell you, your article was awesome!!!


  27. Bob saggot says:

    The entire country smelled like dried up saliva.
    Should have left it to the Japanese colonialism 10/10.


    1. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ says:

      ….Well, thanks for the nice comment.


  28. Taylor says:

    I lived in Seoul for three years, absolutely hated it. Now Im in Tokyo, absolutely love Japan. I really should have came here from the beiginning.


  29. Garrett says:

    Holy crap there r a lot of comments!!!

    Well, here’s my 2 cents… I’ve invented a new game. Street bowling. When I’m walking on the street and some poor soul in my path is oblivious to his/her surroundings (ie: texting while walking, playing phone games while walking, talking while walking, chewing gum while walking, et al), I give ’em a good hardy shoulder check! Now, hear me out. That may sound cold hearted and just downright ass hole’ish, but I don’t actively lean into them. I just don’t move out of their way. I let them run into me if they don’t realize what’s going on at the last minute. But I slightly lower my shoulder and stuck out my elbow.

    Where bumping into people used to irritate me to no end, now it’s the highlight of my day 😀


  30. Hi says:

    Haha interesting comments on Korea, and I agree sincerely with you about ajummas. You can never spend a single day without their stare, push, spit, rudeness, etc. One day, I saw an ajumma wearing a T shirt that reads, “Up Yours”, and she looked really pissed off!!

    Yes yes maybe ajummas did not have rosy days when they were younger, but young Korean people looked pissed off as well, and young people can look really shady sometimes.

    Currently, I’m dealing with them with much more rudeneses, but I don’t think that should last any longer. I don’t want to be pissed off all the time while I’m in Korea. Something needs to be done.


  31. Jae-hooon Roh says:

    There are many interesting comments posted here. Many people point out negative aspects of Korea, and I understand where they are coming from. I can especially relate to those points made by Korean-Americans because I am Korean-American, too. To make a long story short, I have been back and forth between Korea and the United States over more than 30 years. I went to school in both countries and worked in big conglomerates in both countries. So, I believe that I know both countries pretty well inside out. What I don’t like about America is that if you are not “white,” you are not completely “accepted” no matter how smart or perfectly fluent you are in English. What I don’t like about Korea is that it is a very competitive place with rampant corruption and general disregard for others’ well-being, which is perceived as lack of manners by non-Koreans, IMHO. The bottom line is, there is no perfect place in the world. Korea has its issues. But America has its issues, too, such as lingering racism. I still get this question, “Where are you from?” after all these years. So, as an Asian person, I feel that it is impossible to blend in in this “great country of ours” ‘no matter what. But at the end of the day, we are all humans, and humans are selfish and aggressive by nature. Those who settled earlier in America (i.e., Americans with European ancestry) want to maintain their dominance over new comers such as Asians and Latinos after they have wiped out the indigenous population and enslaved Africans. Native Americans treat pale faced new comers with turkey and other goodies, and what do they do? Anyway, My take on having lived in both countries extensively over the years is that America is overall a better place to live in because it has more resources compared to Korea. People in general are less harsh against each other because there are more materials to go around. That is all. There is no reason to hate a group of people or nationality because of any perceived traits or lack thereof. We are all creatures of our environment. The simple answer is, if you don’t like Korea and are able to leave the country, please leave the country as I did. To each his own.


  32. I really don’t know where to begin but to start off I want to say It’s good to hear everyone’s opinion. I’m quite fascinated with how Koreans and Foreigners throw their crashing and matching experience. Well I learned a lot reading these entire comments from 2013 and current. Honestly I’m suffering now from headache after reading the entire conversation. I think negative comment is really a concern for me because I have this dream of working and living in Korea just like any other K-POP living in every corner of the world ( I bet there’s no corner haha ). But who knows Korea might evolve into more preferable country ( you know what am I saying right?). I think this is an eye-opening and worth-reading post so I want to thank everybody ( haha am I being hillarious now?). No I just thought if you like something you should embrace it’s pros and cons. Korea is really a unique country and I’m still curious how does it feel living there. I can never know enough unless I experience and see it myself.

    I’m actually seeking flaws of Korea to stop myself from going crazy over k-pop stuffs and I’m glad I hit this page. It helps me see different perspective and attributes of Korea and it’s people. I’m looking forward for your update about living in Korea.

    What about cost of living in Korea? Actually I’ve read a lot already but I wanted to hear one from you so if you don’t mind please write an article about the cost of living in Korea including education and stuffs. I believe you could write better and I hope I get a response from you tho it’s already an old post.


  33. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ says:

    Yeah, I agree. Also, by living as a Korean, it really sucks that you have to have 12hours of education very day. ;P I just finished my academy and came home. xd


  34. Garrett says:

    this lecture by the author of the book, “the cleanest race” taught me more about Korea than anything else. I learned that everything that I hate about Korea (not food or pop culture ;-p) stems from its pervasive ethnic nationalism. Granted it is about N Korea, but it still gives insight into S Korea. REALLY GOOD QUALITY ACADEMIA.



  35. incognito says:

    Self-pitying about their history (they were the worst concentration camp guards).

    I have lived all over, but Koreans are the only entire ethnic group I learned to loathe. What a hell-hole.

    Child-hood = 14 hours a day not learning to speak English
    Adulthood = being bullied until you have enough seniority to be a bully

    They are very good at applying other people’s technology. We are stupid enough to trade with them.

    The Japanese are better in every way.


    1. I completely disagree, but I’ll still post your comment. Sorry you had such a bad experience. I was treated very respectfully by Koreans during my time there.


      1. incognito says:

        That was the mild version of my views on Koreans and I seem not to be alone. I am glad that you have had a positive experience there. I have left Korea and now simply refuse to interact with them in any way. Part of my problem is that I speak Japanese and started to pick up the language fairly quickly. It’s easier to like them if you can’t understand them.


  36. Asian guy says:

    This is what I’ve experienced when talking to the younger generation..

    When I talk to some Koreans all they do is complain about other countries and make heinous claims about their people.

    Then you ask about Korea and they get defensive as hell.
    I mean, why bash a country then get mad about the same being brought out about Korea? It’s driving me nuts.

    One Korean person complains people from this country are loud and ‘stupid.’
    But can’t even defend his own reasons why and resorts to swearing to other people to prove a point.

    *This is face-to-face conversations mind you.

    Its because of this, the mainlanders in our school are completely ignorant of the Koreans altogether.
    Yikes, and they have to deal with this for 4 years.


    1. Cryingsinger says:

      Yeah, I get your general point. But doesn’t everyone want to get defensive when their country is viewed negatively? And what makes you believe that only Koreans do this? Americans also post rude things of other countries and yet they tend to get defensive when opinions come in the way. It hurts us, too, when we see negative things like this.

      Also, that Korean guy was hella rude and I apologize on his behalf. However, please don’t group us together as people like him. There are different individuals in Korea. Some of them are annoying like that guy, but others might not be. And also how many Koreans did you actually meet to confirm this? I mean, people around me are actially decent, so I once again aplogize instead of whoever people you met.

      I respect this post and I respect your comment. But I just really want you to know that not all Koreans are horrible. Please, wouldn’t it be nice to at least reconsider the Korean race again?


  37. Anonymous says:

    Heaven yeah all of these can summation of one word “egoism”
    I thought i am the only one who think like that


  38. Beth says:

    I like korea and the koreans i’ve met whilst visiting there a few years back. I was planning on returning however hearing about the ways they kill dogs and cats for meat and torture them gives me nightmares and i dont want to support a country that treats such intelligent animals that way. I could never eat dog but i knew i couldnt stop koreans from eating dog and so i learmed to cope with it when i lived there for a couple of years however at least kill the dogs properlly and so they dont suffer. The way koreans kill dogs for meat is just plain evil and cruel. I still keep in contact with close friends i made whilst in korea and im glad to hear that they have the same attitude towards dog meat eating as i do and all of them would never eat it and im so glad because hopefully as the new generations come in and see dogs and cats as loving animals not food then eventually maybe i can visit again because the country does have some wonderful history and scenery.


    1. Habin says:

      You really have to know that it’s not “Koreans” who eat dog meat(and no cat meat! No one eats cat meat!), but it’s a very chosen few of them who do. The majority of Koreans are very against the idea of eating dog food, and they are trying very hard to keep others from treating them wrong. It really pains me to see how people think that because a few do wrong, all of Korea eat dog food and treat animals horridly. It’s the same as assuming that America is a place full of crime just because a few people does bad things.


      1. Fabio says:

        According to a national survey in 2006, 56% of adults in Korea have “tried” dog at least one time in their lives. Even that trend, however, is sharply on the decline. While many older Koreans still desire dog soup during the three hottest days (sambok) of summer, the Korean government has steadily guided their country away from eating man’s best friend since the 1988 Olympics. Furthermore, pop culture, animal rights groups, and Korea’s expanding culinary scene have created a distinct generational gap between dog consumers and non-consumers. I’m not saying I would want to lose my dog in the streets of Seoul; dog meat vendors are real and slaughter between 2 to 2.5 million dogs every year. Nonetheless, it’s safe to assume that most Koreans do not snack on canine anymore. I promise you can let a Korean safely pet your dog. . . If they’re not afraid of it.

        My thoughts on the subject – Brent


  39. Nelv10 says:

    I hate how adults in south korea teaches hatred against people of other nations. My country has also been occupied by Japan, but I had never been taught to hate other nations in schools. we do not need an expert to know that people who teach hatred against fellow human beings is sick person


  40. Carson says:

    I hate korean mentality. They are low-minded people.


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