I love my Mommy

I haven’t seen my mom or my family for over two years.

I know mother’s day is approaching so….


I miss you.  I miss our chats.  I love making you laugh.  I miss coming over and stealing food and chocolate chip cookies from your fridge at night.  I love picking you up and spinning you in circles.   Although, I probably shouldn’t do that because of your age.  Don’t worry about your age though, you look 20 years younger than what you are, and you are beautiful.  I remember when I looked at some of your pictures when I got older.  I couldn’t believe it, you were so hot!  Dad was(is) a lucky guy lol.

I never share with you enough during the times that I am happy.  I only seem to open to you when I’m lost or broken hearted.  There is so much joy in my life and I want to do a better job of sharing those parts of my life with you.  You deserve to smile, laugh and be inspired just like you have always inspired me.

I’m sorry I’ve been so distant.  As I get older, I realize our time is short and I need to talk with you as much as I can.  I see how you miss your mom and how sometimes you long for moments with her.  I dread the day I will walk in those shoes.  I loved Mimi.  But you see, it will be even worse for Nicole and I when you’re gone because you are a much greater mom.  I don’t know how either of us will get by without having you.

Thank you for never giving up on me.  Thank you for seeing greatness in what I always thought to be mundane.  Thank you for seeing perfection in such inadequacy.  Thank you for telling me I’m handsome when I can’t stand looking at pictures of myself.  And thank you for being proud of me even when I fail.

You are my backbone and my strength.  You’ve always been the foundation I could rest upon.  Stupid words on a stupid blog will never express what you mean to me.

I miss you and I can’t wait to see you again.  I promise I won’t even get mad when you call on my birthday and have T-bone sing to me because you think our dog can sing happy birthday.  Have a great mother’s day with dad, Nicole, Matt, and all the kids.  If you do miss me, just look at Kaden and Mikah because there is definitely a small part of me that resides in those crazy boys.  Of course, we can always skype too!

I’ll be home before you know and you can help me gain my American weight back.  I love you mom! I miss you!!!  Happy Mother’s day!

Your favorite child;)



3 Comments Add yours

  1. jane says:

    she’s one lucky mom to have an adorable son like you…


  2. David Sheffield says:

    You made Mother’s Day a great day for your Mom! Thank you!


  3. Mimsie says:

    Made me tear up a bit… Your mom is definitely going to son when she reads it!


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