The Best Park in Seoul – Olympic Park

Olympic Park is one of my favorite places in Seoul. For those of you that know me, I have a lethal addiction to frisbees. So, any place where I can indulge freely in my vice is a place I consider home. This usually means the beach but in rare cases I can make exceptions.

Olympic Park was built to host the 1988 Olympics. Since that time, the government has invested money into the infrastructure and performance halls. Olympic park has an auditorium where I have seen breakdancing competitions and figure skating. Smaller K-pop groups as well as huge global sensations(Linkin Park) have performed in the arenas of Olympic Park.

However, I hate the above paragraph because I do not like Olympic park for any of those reasons. I like Olympic Park because it is diverse, artsy, beautiful and expansive. I love to go to the middle of the park and sit with a good book and a great imix. It’s one of the few places in Seoul where all of the buildings, energy, and clutter of Seoul dissipate and are replaced by rolling hills, twisting pathways, beautiful fountains, unending fields of green, flowers, streams, art and children flying kites.

Olympic Park also has facilities and areas for people to swim, play basketball, skate, ride bikes, jog and eat. Every time I walk under the Olympic Pavilion, I meet an interesting and diverse group of Koreans. On this day, I found a professional juggler and his younger disciples. I hope you enjoy the pics and if you live in Seoul check out this park! It’s a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

You can reach Olympic Park by line 5 using Seoul’s superb system.  Olmypic park is located east of the Han River and has its own subway stop.  When you are heading east to Olympic Park on line five, make sure you jump on the train heading to Macheon 마천 and not Sangil-dong.  Listen to the announcement in English before boarding the train or look at the electronic signs showing the trains approaching as the individual trains have the final destination on them.  If you board the wrong train – no biggie.  Just get off at Gangdong(two stops before Olmypic Park, wait right where you got off, and hopp on the next train.


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  1. Liz says:

    Absolutely love the photos and the supporting story. Feel like I’m right there. Watching the juggler and petting bunny.


    1. kaliber411 says:

      Thank you Liz, it was hard not to take the bunny home. He let me stick my camera right in his face.


  2. Andy Baxley says:

    That top photo is a gem sir.


    1. kaliber411 says:

      Andy, you’ve probably realized I’m one your biggest fans so I sincerely appreciate the compliment! I love that picture too.


  3. Gem Celiz says:

    Love the pics, Brent! You have captured the spirit of awesomeness of the park, if there is such a term!!! 🙂 Would certainly make this one of my bucket list of places to experience.


    1. kaliber411 says:

      I think it’s a great term! 😉 Thank you for the kind words.


      1. jane says:

        i’d probably be with her when she goes to Korea…she’s my friend we ate dinner with when you arrived Manila from Boracay :0


  4. Nicole powers says:

    I want the bunny


  5. nice photos… next time i visit seoul… i will include Olympic Park in my must-see list!


    1. It’s not a bad place! Make sure you stop by and say hi to us!


  6. Mimsie says:

    Fantastic shots… love the one of the juggler!
    If I could, I would live in Olympic Park.


    1. Such an old post…. I’m embarrassed you looked at this one.


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