Capturing Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul

Gwanghwamun Square strikes me as the Time Square of Seoul.  Despite my photography, I do not find Korea to be the most aesthetic country.  The yellow dust from China and the old style communist buildings create a dreary and gray atmosphere.  Nonetheless, walking out of exit three of the Gwanghwamun subway station never fails to take my breath away.  The scene is authentically Korean and I instantly feel the history and strength of Korea.  In an inexplicable way,  I can almost feel a spiritual connection to the historic dynasties of Korea’s past.

Gwanghwamun is best known as the main gate for the Gyeongbokgung Palace which is considered a must see for anyone who visits Seoul.  You can barely make out the gate to the palace in some of my pics.  The square also has two prominent statues of King Sejong the Great(credited with popularizing Hangul) and the great Naval Commander Lee Sun-Sin.

The area has beautiful mountains behind the palace and the buildings in this area look extremely modern.  The scene is quite spectacular at night as you observe where the resplendent lighting from a modern Seoul meets the austere beauty of Korea’s past.

I purchased a new camera last Saturday and proceeded straight to Gwanghwamun to acclimate to my new girlfriend(I do mean my camera).  It happened to be Children’s Day(Yes, kids get a holiday in Korea) which provided opportunities for some truly beautiful compositions.  I hope you enjoy!

To reach this area.  Take Line 5 to the Gwanghwamun station and depart exit 3.


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