A time-traveling-trek took place this past weekend for myself and two friends.  Fresh off of payday and ready to spend our hard earned won (within reason), we planned a day trip from Daegu to Gyeongju to see remnants of the Silla Dynasty. Known as the smallest of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, Silla lacked in […]

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“Loner Culture”

I came across an article on CNN about something on the rise in South Korea: loner culture. As a certification student at Yonsei University, I’ve come across the topic in my cultural studies course, but I didn’t think that the article would seem so… peculiar… to me. “Culture” is an interesting word. A formal definition […]

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“All work and no play…”

Today was a “throw the whole experience away” type of day. Monsoon season has the power to change even the kindest attitude into a horrible one. I like a little bit of emotional anarchy from time to time (sparingly) but it grinds my gears when the youth are without emotional release. Korea demands so much […]

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